Of Mice and Men – Question – Due FRIDAY

1.  In the story, what do the other men think of Lennie?  Use examples from the text.  Please go into depth why you choose your answer.

I think that the other men think Lennie is a little stupid, because he don’t talk so much. As George said, “He is not so smart, but he is one hell of a good worker”. That showed to be true, Lennie does his work without asking any questions, and the other guys are impressed. I think that the only guy who don’t like Lennie is Curley. Curley doesn’t really like anybody, but he don’t like Lennie because he is so big and strong, and Curley is so small.
But I think that the guys really like him, even though he is almost like a big strong child.


“Of Mice and Men” Chapter one Question

How do you know that George and Lennie have known each other for a long time? Use words from the text to support your answer:

I think we can see how long George and Lennie have known each other in the way they’re acting and talking together. I think that Lennie is acting like George is his older brother. George has to watch Lennie almost the whole time, because he can’t take care of himself. He might get shot, and he would kill every animal with soft fur. Sometimes George is very angry at Lennie, but he knows that he needs him.
Another example from the book is that George and Lennie are planing to have their own farm some day. They are also planing to have many animals like rabbits, pigs and other animals with soft fur. That is something you would never do with a person you’ve only known for several days.

John Steinbeck Questions

1.  Which one of John Steinbeck’s novels won a Pulitzer Prize?
The novel written by John Steinbeck which won a Pulitzer Prize was The Grapes of Wrath.

2.  Where and what year was he born?
He was born 20th February, In Salinas Valley, California.

3.  Name three of John Steinbeck’s books that were made into Hollywood films?
The 3 John Steinbeck books that have been made into Hollywood films are: The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men , and The Forgotten Village.   

4.  In what year did John Steinbeck write of Mice and Men?
He wrote Of Mice and Men in 1937

5.  What did John Steinbeck do during WWII?
During the Second World War, he served as a war correspondent for New York. He did a good job, and was awarded  the Haakon VII medal of freedom because he helped the norwegians.

6.  What US President awarded Steinbeck the United States Medal of Freedom.
Lyndon B. Johnson awarded Steinbeck the United States Medal of Freedom.

7.   What is John Steinbeck’s Museum called?
John Steinbeck’s museum is called The National Steinbeck Center.

8.  How old was Steinbeck when he died?
John Steinbeck died when he was 66 years old

9.  What does the novel “The Moon is Down”, have to do with Norway?
People thought that “The Moon is Down” was a book written about a small village in Norway. The village was occupied by Nazis and this helped the Norwegian resistance movement.

10.  Find out on the internet the two main characters “Of Mice and Men”.  Tell me a little about them and what the story is about  (8 sentences).
George Milton is an intelligent man, and he is also caring. With him is Lennie Small, a man who has mental problems, and he is incredible strong. Lennie can’t control his own strength, which gives him some problems. With an accident Lennie kills his puppy, and he is afraid that George won’t let him be near the rabbits anymore. Lennie is fond of soft and smoothe things, like animal fur and hair. George is having a ranch, and he and Lennie wants to make the dream of owning their own piece of land come true. The dream seems to be within their reach, but problems start when Lennie is accused for attempted rape because his uncontrolable strength when he touched a young woman’s dress. In the end the dream is crushed when Lennie kills Curley’s wife in an accident.

Caught in a Vicious Circle

 Question 1: Write a list of all the characters in this story and describe what type of person they are.

Carol:She is a nice girl, but she is just not secure on herself, just as Grace. In the end of the story, we see that even if Grace and Cordelia is a little mad at Elaine, she can’t help herself to ask how she is and show that she cares about Elaine. On the inside, Carol is a loving and caring person.

Grace: She does what Cordelia wants her to do. Cordelias opinion is her opinion.She treats Elaine bad, its what Cordelia wants, but before Cordelia came they were good friends, so i don’t know if she really want to do it.

Cordelia: She is the “leader” in the gang. She is a cruel, bad person. She wants everyone to like her, or to be on her side. If she don’t get what she wants she let that go out on others, mostly Elaine.

Elaine: She is a kind and a good girl, you can really trust her. Even when her friends treat her bad, she still hang with them. I think she is a little lonely and wants someone to hang with, since she don’t want to be alone. The “leader” of the gang she is in, makes her do things she don’t want to do. Elaine don’t like Cordelia, but still she do as she tells her.

Elaines mother: She cares for Elaine, and she knows that her friends aren’t good for her. That’s why it wasn’t hard for her to tell who threw Elaine’s hat from the bridge even if Elaine did not tell her. I think that Elaines mother is a good mother. She most also be intelligent, since she knew Elaine was laying about her hat and that she realized the other girls have treaten her bad.

Question 2:  What is the theme of this story?  What is the author trying to get across to the reader?

 I think the theme of this story is how you should take your own decisions and not listen to everybody else. Stand for what you think is best, and not do like everybody else. What somebody else say may not be good, and can effect you in a bad way. It can have a bad influence to you, and the story is one good example of how it can go then. You should take care of you friends and don’t treat them bad.

Questoin 3: What I liked/disliked about this story.

I liked the happy ending, or the happy ending for Elaine. I am glad that Elaine discovered that Cordelia had bad influence on her, and decided to find some new friends. I really liked the theme in the story.

Essay: Question 6.

How does Huck grow as a person; what life lessons does he learn from his encounters on the river? :
In the beginning of the book we find out that Huck is a boy who loves to have fun. He only does what he want to do, and all the children wanted to be him. But then when Huck helped with arresting some bandits who tried to break inn to Mrs. Douglas’ house,and rob her, Huck got a reward on $6000. Miss Watson also let him stay with them. She made Huck go to school, wear clean clothes and go to church. He didn’t like that at all. He wanted to live like a free boy.

Huck did not have a good relationship with his father, and that may not be good for him. Huck should have a father who would there for him, when he needed it, in the bad and the good times. But Hucks father was not a good man, and he didn’t have any contact with Huck. But when he found out about Hucks money, he came and kidnapped him. He kept Huck locked in a hut, and he got drunk every night. He wasn’t very nice to Huck either, he always hit him. But one day Huck managed to escape. I think that Huck is angry on his father, because he was never there for him. But Huck is a smart boy, and he can take care of himself.

On his trip he meet Jim. Jim is a runaway slave, and they decide to travel together to a place were slaves is not allowed. Jim was Mrs Douglas`slave, and Mrs Douglas is miss Watsons sister. So Huck kind of knew him.Jim doesn’t know much about the world, so Huck has to teach Jim. Huck takes care of him and he become a responsible boy.
Huck and Jim faces many challenges trough the journey, such as flood and tricksters. To be such a young boy, I think that Huck handles the situation very well. During the journey Huck grows as a person, and experiences the differences between people in the real world. He gets to see what people would do for money, and how people treat runaway slaves.

Huck went trough challenges that normal children usually couldn’t handle, but he had good support from his friend, Jim. They supported eachother no mater what. When slave-traders/racists were near them, Huck made them go away. One time when Jim and Huck was on the river, it came two men. So Jim had to hide in the little hut they had on the float. But the two men wanted to see what was in the hut, ofcourse they thought it was a slave. They asked Huck many questions, Huck didn’t know what to say, so he said that his father was in there. But the Two men didn’t belive him, then Huck said that he was very sick and that he needed their help. Then the two men got scared, because they didn’t want to be infected so they turned around and went.

As I said, To be a young boy like Huckleberry Finn I really think that he handled the situations very well. I don’t think that a boy at his age would handel it the way Huck did.

Huckleberry Finn

1. Huckleberry Finn was first published in 1884.

2. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a classic novel.

3. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer each received 6000 dollars when they found the money that the robbers had hidden in the cave.

4. Hucks pap returns because he found out about the money which his son, Huck, had. 

5. When Jim first sees Huck Finn on the island, he thinks Huck is going to snitch about him to miss Watson or anyone else.

6. Jim runs away from miss Watson because she wanted to sell him to other slave traders.

7. Huck escapes to Jackson Island and discovers that Jim is there too, and he also finds out that Jim is a runaway slave.

8. Mark Twain dislike racism, because in the book Jim gets help and he escapes. If he did like it, he would write that Jim didn’t manage to escape, instead he would get caught or something like that.

Ten facts about Mark Twain

  • His real name is Samuel Longhorne Clemens, but he changed his name to Mark Twain.
  • He was born in Florida, Missouri the 30th of November in 1835.
  • In 1839, when Mark was four years old, his family moved to Hannibal, Missouri. That’s where he grew up.
  • Mark Twain is one of America’s best-known authors. 
  • He made and published more that 30 books during his lifetime.
  • Mark Twain is a very famous writer. He has written books like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.
  • He was an humanist, writer, humorist, satirist and lecturer.
  • Mark Twain had one brother and one sister.
  • when he was 11,his father died of pneumonia.
  •  Mark Twain died of a heart attack April 21st 1910, in Redding Connecticut.

Death in the Barn

I think Lennie is really a good and caring person.But he can’t control his anger. He workes at a farm, and he loves animals. He loves to toutch their fur and soft hair. Unfortunately he killed his puppy, because of his strenght.

I think Curley and his wife could help Lennie by learning him right and wrong. They could also help him with control his anger and strenght. They should just accept who he is and trust him more.

Cinderella as badboy

Once upon a time there was a rich man. He had only one son, and he was a handsome boy, but he was also bad. Suddenly his wife past away, and after a while he got married again. This woman had two sons, and they were both evil to their new stepbrother.

“Your name should be badboy. Because you belong with the bad people!” said one of the brothers.
“You should get drunk and do bad things all the time!” said the other brother.

While the brothers were nice and never did anything wrong, badboy got drunk an did bad things from the morning to night.

One day, it came a letter from the castle. The king and the queen invited all the boys to a prom. Because their only daughter was going to find a husband. The two boys were so excited, and for the first time badboy wanted to go too. But his stepmother said no!.
The prom was now only one day away, and the two boys had found a suit. Badboy was so jealous that he could smash a car! But he didn’t do it. They boys talked about the prom all the time and it made badboy crazy. Instead of smash something in the room inside,  he turned around ,walked out and shot at some boxes. 
The day came, and the two brothers went to the prom. Badboy was standing outside the house watching them go.
Suddenly he heard a sound from the garden, he walked slowly against it. Then he saw a old man with a magic-stick in his hand. He said that Badboy was going to the prom.

“Really?” said Badboy
“Yes!” said the man.

The man said something strange and pointed his magic-stick on badboy. Suddenly he had a white suit on, and he looked great. He also gave him a black car, so he could drive to the prom. But the only thing that he had to do, was to get back at 12.o clock. That was okay with badboy.

He came to the prom in his white suit. his stepbrother was in shock. They didn’t expect to see him there. They were all staring at him. The daughter looked at him, she looked beautiful. Badboy decided to ask if she would like to dance. She said yes. She fell in love with him. They danced for many hours. Suddenly the clock was 12.

“I’ve got to go, I’m sorry!” Badboy said.                      
He ran out of the castle in a hurry.
“Wait! she said. I don’t know you name!?”
Badboy didn’t answer her.

She ran after him, but she didn’t find him. The burst into tears, and suddenly she saw a ring with a green diamond on. Maybe it was his ring, she thought by herself. Then she decided that the man who fits this ring will be her husband. She visited all houses in the town but no-one fit the ring. At least she visited the house where badboy lived. She rang on the doorbell, One of the brothers opened.” Oh my god it the kings daughter he screamed!”. They all came to the door. She asked if they wanted to try the ring., and they all would. the youngest brother tried it, but it didn’t fit him. Then it was the next brothers turn, but it didn’t fit him either. Then it was Badboys turn, the ring fit! she looked at him, and they fell in love.  
                         Then they live happily ever after. 



1. I am at school.
2. Your sock is under the chair
3. We are in the kitchen
4. We will keep this secret between you an me.
5. The car was stolen by the the young boy
6. Will you please give this to you mum?
7. We can’t do this without some help from the teacher.
8. I ran across the street
9. I’ll come to you.
10. Don’t look at me like that!

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